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December 23rd, 2020

Hi everybody,

Christmas is suddenly upon us! I'm not sure how any of you feel, but I know I can scarcely believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and think I feel the least prepared ever for Christmas even though I have had more time at home than ever leading up to it. Hopefully you are a little more organised than me.....

With 2020 having been a somewhat tumultuous year, and the last couple months resuming a more normal fast pace, I pray you will have the chance to again slow down and savour the true joy of Christmas - that God himself would come down to walk among us in our despair, disasters, diseases and destitution. We indeed have much to be joyful about despite some of the challenges the year has presented.

A quick reminder of our Christmas Service details:

Christmas Eve (Thursday 24th) - 5:00pm at Martin Luther, 7:30pm at St Philips. Both will be led by Pastor David Spike, College Pastor at Geelong Lutheran College

Christmas Day (Friday 25th) - 9:30am at St Philips. Led by Pastor Peter Janetzki (Note - there will be no Christmas Day service at Martin Luther)

Sunday 27th - 9:30am at St Philips, 4:00pm at Martin Luther. Lay reading led by Bill Kennedy

The intent is to livestream all the services from St Philips over the Christmas season.

We will record attendance using the electronic QR codes as used last Sunday. Based on the average attendances from the last several years we should be able to stay under our number caps at each Worship Centre (75 St Ps, 40 ML) so will not need to pre-register, but if convenient I would encourage some of you to consider attending the Christmas Eve service at Martin Luther to spread the numbers out a little and ensure we don't end up with too many at St Philips. We would hate to have to turn anyone away!

Personally, and on behalf of the Church Council, I'd like to wish everyone a happy, safe and blessed Christmas. Enjoy the time with friends and family, stay COVID-Safe! and all of God's blessings as we prepare to begin the new year.

God Bless,

Dan Nordbrock

(on behalf of the WHBLC Council)

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